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Maca Root Reviews – Best Supplements & Powders for 2017

Now a days it can be hard to keep up with all the “superfoods” out there.It seems like there’s a new magic supplement on the market almost everyday, some you should stay far away from and others, like Maca, you should embrace wholeheartedly. MACA ROOT SUPPLEMENTS Maca (biological name: Lepidium Meyenii) is a root that […]


Ovulation Depression? This is How You Can Deal With It

Every woman does not suffer from ovulation depression. However, some of the women are affected quite heavily due to this kind of depression. So, do you know what causes this depression? Why does it appear during, prior or after the menstrual cycle? Is it possible to treat? Should a woman use drugs and natural remedies […]


Sinus Pressure and Anxiety: What’s the Causality?

Troubles can come in many shapes and forms. Those who have sinus and anxiety may experience one or both of the two together. Some patients with anxiety disorder experience a blocked nose or pressure in the nose.They may have difficulty breathing and may feel constricted. Some symptoms may be very peculiar, and hence it is […]


Can Anxiety Cause an Overactive Bladder?

The exam results are about to be declared, and there is so much going on in someone’s mind. Would she pass the test or won’t she? A lot of people in such anxious moments run to the washroom several times. It suddenly seems that their bladder has become overactive or maybe small to hold the […]


Buy Beta Blockers for Anxiety? Not a Permanent Solution

Anxiety is not always a disorder. It leads to irrational behavior and potential loss of rational thinking and analysis. Anxiety can produce physical symptoms such as fast heart beat, shaking, trembling and blushing even. Some people buy beta blockers for anxiety and stress.THINKING TO BUY BETA BLOCKERS FOR ANXIETY?Beta-blockers are used to help relieve people […]