Natural Anti Anxiety: 10 Simple Sources

What is next? Worried about that overdue gas bill? Are the school fees going to rise next year? Might lose your job? Could have to fix your car engine?

We face different issues and challenges each day. No person is immune. While we all wish we could just move through challenges with a smile on our face this just isn’t a reality for a lot of people. All the stress builds up and creates anxiety, a state that we sometimes can’t break out of. The issue is that the more we stress the more it seems to perpetuate and create a state of anxiety where we are always worried. Most people would do anything to get out of it, but don’t want to become a zombie on prescription medication. Good idea, because there are plenty of ways we can relieve anxiety without medication.

Here Are My 10 Sources for Natural Anti Anxiety Treatment:



Chamomile has long been considered one of the best ways to help with stress and anxiety. While a chamomile (tea usually consumed before bed) will certainly help with sleeping, some of the compounds in chamomile make it strong enough to help treat anxiety at any time of the day.

If you are feeling anxious it probably means you require more than a tea however. In order to stay clear of drugs like Valium, you should look at taking chamomile supplements, which have been found to significantly decrease anxiety symptoms and of course are natural.


Valerian is one of the best natural ways to treat anxiety. In addition, it acts a sedative to help with sleeping which of course is something anyone with anxiety surely values. People with insomnia have long talked about the incredible affects of Valerian supplements in helping improve their sleeping patterns.

With sleep a critical element in a healthy and anxiety free mind, I would recommend take two tablets per day for four weeks and try to take them in the evening as Valerian is quite strong.


Sticking with the sedative form (helping to sleep), Passionflower is one of the anti anxiety natural remedies most popular among people suffering with anxiety. By causing drowsiness it helps to put your mind at ease from all those racing thoughts about what you have to do tomorrow. Passionflower is quite strong, so be sure to take it sparingly and never for longer than 4 weeks.



Some may associate it as one of the best things to smell (me included!), but Lavender is actually of the best natural remedies for anxiety. Does the nose know best? We know that smelling lavender oil is very relaxing, but it is the herbs ability to help with migraines, sore muscles and nerve pain which helps to relax the body and enable you to relax.

While smelling it or consuming in tea is a viable option, the supplement form is known to provide a dosage that will help you both get to sleep and relax in those ‘racy’ moments where your mind feels like its chasing itself.


Magnesium deficiency is commonly associated with a lack of balance in your physiology, which will lead to high blood pressure and associated long-term health risks. I consider magnesium one of the key tools for anxiety management.

With magnesium essential to your nervous system and muscles, along with your stomach, the supplement form will help keep your body healthy and a healthy body is a key factor in a healthy mind. If someone asked me what alternatives to the ‘sedative’ herb supplements I have mentioned to help treat anxiety, this would be my first choice.


A plant that has long been used to make medicine, Ashwaganda has multiple uses for humans; one of course is anxiety and insomnia. While one of the more rare treatments for anxiety, simply because of availability, there is little doubt to users that it helps the mind cope with stress through its ability act as an anti-inflammatory and help decrease swelling and pain.


Kava is a plant found in the western pacific islands, and in the search for help with anxiety it has found its way to US shores, which research supporting it may be one of the best natural remedies for anxiety.

Kava works over your central nervous system to help calm it down and sedate you, meaning you would want to take it before bed. While you may feel euphoric after taking Kava you need to understand that it’s because its quite strong, so taking the right supplement is important. As with all of sedative supplements, be sure to research the right amount for you to take.

Green Tea/Theanine

green tea theanine

Theanine, a key ingredient found in green tea, which is consumed for a range of reasons is a great way to reduce anxiety. For those wanting to know how to control anxiety without medication, theanine is a safe bet. The only problem is the amount you consume in green tea won’t do the trick.

With theanine helping your nervous system operate at a higher level, it is recommended you take theanine supplements throughout the day because in essence, that’s when you need them most. Theanine will also help reduce blood pressure, which lets face it, when at work that is exactly what we need.

Lemon Balm

From the mint family, lemon balm helps with digestive problems, headaches, and aromatherapy. With an innate ability to calm people lemon balm is one of the commonly used home remedies for anxiety.

While you may associate it with a skin treatment, the ability of lemon balm to both calm you down and help reduce the growth of viruses in your system make it a natural anti anxiety supplement you should definitely consider.


For those who haven’t heard of melatonin, it is a hormone naturally found in the body and one of the best natural remedies for anxiety. Most commonly found in supplement form, melatonin will help you sleep and is regularly used by people with insomnia.

A lot of people have become obsessed with natural anti anxiety medication, however Melatonin is a little different. While you can buy it over the counter, people legitimate sleeping problems can actually get prescribed much stronger dosages, and should only be taken before bed.

Choosing the Best Natural Anti Anxiety Supplement

This depends on what particular issue you are having trouble with. If you are struggling to get to sleep then I would suggest one of the more sedative forms like melatonin, kava or valerian root. If you want to find a good balance of daytime supplements that improve your overall health then theanine (green tea), magnesium or lemon balm is probably the better choice.

While all these anti anxiety natural remedies serve different purposes the key factor is they will help your overall mental and physical health, through improved nerve system function and better sleep. This will help reduce anxiety and hopefully put you on the path to a freer mind.

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