No Motivation to do Anything? Change Your Outlook

There are people walking this earth who just lack motivation. They are unable to get themselves to wake up and smell the coffee. The day is just another reason to spend their time in bed. There seems to be nothing they can do about it, they have no motivation to do anything. Most of them realize that this is not normal.

But as with any self-fulfilling prophesy, lack of motivation stops people from doing anything that would motivate them to move. Many people don’t even want to get out of the bed. Someone said she didn’t even pull back the curtains since she didn’t want to see the day. She hoped it would be night always, and she would have a reason to stay in bed.


no motivation to do anything

Students who are still on their way to life cannot afford to lose out on their future owing to such lack. It stands in the way of their future. The diagnosis is depression. Depression can be chronic. There are clinical treatments available for this lack of motivation. Sometimes, there could be other issues too. Those who understand that this is not normal should seek professional help. The behavioral therapist will analyze the situation and try to understand what could be the possible reasons.

Though there is a stigma associated with being de-motivated and failing in life in general, it is important to speak up and share your thoughts with those you trust. Even the idea of going to a therapist might scare someone with a lack of motivation. But if your family knows you need help, they might be able to egg you on.


Committing to change may seem an insurmountable task. But unless you want to lose all hope of redemption, you will have to do yourself this favor. Wanting to change is a big step in itself. Once you have reached there, the next step would be to ask for direction from those who know.

If you feel no motivation to do anything, know that there is trouble in paradise. For how long have you been experiencing this? If you have been feeling t his way for a month or so, you are still early. There are people who just shy away or are scared to seek help. They have lived with depression for long enough to have damaged their self-esteem beyond repair.

If things are still not as bad in your life, find a way to get out of that black hole and seek help. There are online communities where you can discuss your condition. That might not be the solution, but it will help you come out of the closet. You will find others like you who are going through a similar phase. That might give you the courage to believe that all is not over yet. There still can be something that you can do to get a grip on your life. Stop allowing it to slip away.

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