Rosacea? Tea Tree Oil is the Answer

Rosacea is a kind of skin disease that causes redness on a person’s facial skin. Once the tiny, red pus-filled bumps appear on his or her face, it leads to redness. Although Rosacea may attack anyone, it is mostly observed in the middle-aged women having fair complexion whose ages are between 30 and 60. Even people who have a family history of Rosacea are more prone to develop this disease. Thankfully, Rosacea is curable as it can be treated with Rosacea tea tree oil.

Rosacea? Tea Tree Oil

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Before we continue the discussion, it is essential to keep an eye on some essential facts of this disease:

Symptoms of Rosacea

When someone is affected by Rosacea, she is likely to see certain prominent symptoms include:

  • Rosacea causes facial redness and red swollen bumps that are to some extent similar to acne and developed nose.
  • Rosacea can develop a thick skin on the nose that causes a bulbous facial appearance.
  • People suffering from Rosacea may also suffer from eye problems such as dryness, irritation, redness and swelling of the eyelids.

Possible Health Problems Caused by Rosacea

Apart from the upper symptoms, Rosacea can cause certain health issues including:

  • People suffering from this skin disease often have poor immunity, and therefore they are the first person to be affected by cold or flu virus.
  • After attacking by the disease, Rosacea patients become food sensitive and often face a problem with low energy level.
  • ​They may also suffer from certain life-threatening conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, and triglyceride level.
  • People suffering from Rosacea tend to obese.

Treatment of Rosacea: Tea Tree Oil

Luckily, Rosacea can be treated naturally using tea tree oil.

  • For the sufferer of Rosacea, tea tree oil can give some soothing effect on the itchy skin.
  • Tea tree oil contains compounds that have anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • ​The oil also helps to improve the skin immune system and results in healthy skin.
  • Moreover, Rosacea tea tree oil can reduce the redness and facial swelling effectively.

Tea tree oil can be used to treat Rosacea as it can reduce its symptoms. However, it is essential to undergo a skin test conducted by a dermatologist who can ensure that you don’t have any allergic problem with the oil.

Treating Rosacea with Tea Tree Oil at Home

Tea tree oil can be used for treat Rosacea at home in combination with other stuff, such as:

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Tea Tree Oil + Jojoba Oil

Pour a few drops of tea tree oil in a container and add a similar quantity of jojoba oil. Now mix these two oils properly and apply on your skin. You need to apply the mixture morning and night until the disease gets cure.

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Tea Tree Oil + Your Moisturizer

Drop little amount of tea tree oil on your palm and mix your daily moisturizer with it. Now combine them thoroughly and apply it on your face two times a day, morning and night. You need to follow the process until your Rosacea will disappear.

Rosacea Tea Tree Oil Target Treatment

You can also apply tea tree oil on the target irritated skin twice a day.

Whichever method you are going to apply, it is essential to consult with a skin specialist in order to avoid any kind of side effects.

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