Licorice Root for Anxiety & Stress: Herbal Remedy

Licorice root has been recognized as a natural product that can be utilized to treat mental stress for years. It is certainly an herbal medicine which comes with several benefits. Depression, cough, asthma and anxiety can be treated with the assistance from the licorice root. Proper support is given to the adrenal system if someone is suffering from anxiety then it can be taken. Over the year licorice root anxiety has shown incredible results.

About Licorice root

Shrub like plant of licorice generally grows in the countries from Asia and Southern Europe especially. From ancient era, Greeks and Indians have used this plant to treat medical problems. In Babylon and Egypt, licorice has been held as a priced possession also. It is so important for them that it has been seen with the tomb of Tutankhamen as well. In the natural condition, sweet taste can be obtained from the licorice root anxiety.

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Licorice root as an anxiety reliever

On several occasions, anxiety is seen due to adrenal gland. It is often remembered as a stress gland also. Based on the nature of adrenal gland, people react during stressful situations. During stressful time, adrenal is released from the gland. These elements are necessary to battle with the stress and tension.

In addition to adrenaline, cortisol is released from the same gland. Period of stressful time can be sustained in the process. Both the blood sugar and energy level can be boosted at the same time. However, issues can be seen in the adrenaline gland due to constant stress and anxiety. System can be weakened naturally. It may create an effect on the health too.

How can you assess the ill condition of the adrenal system

· If you cannot reduce weight in spite of diet and workout sessions

· Anxiety

· Higher level of blood pressure

· Joint Pain

· Disturbing pattern of sleep

· Unnatural growth of hair in women

Relieving Stress


Through licorice root, anxiety can be relieved completely. Support is provided to the adrenal system always. In this way, balance of mind can be maintained during stressful time. Release of hormones may not be seen with excessive stress. Therefore, trouble can be noticed while coping with stress and anxiety both mentally and physically. In the licorice root, it is possible to locate glycyrrhizic acid which helps to secrete hormone from glands in normal quantity.

Confusion can be seen between licorice root anxiety and licorice sweet. Positive reaction is generally seen with the licorice root in most occasions. High dosages may not be required at all at the time. Through a small dosage, excellent result can be achieved.

By drinking licorice in the form of tea, beneficial results can be found. However, licorice root can be taken in several other ways such as powder and capsule as well. It must be consumed for shorter period. If the licorice is consumed for longer duration, negative effect can be seen. Blood pressure can be increased in the process. Problems may not be noticed with licorice from four to six weeks.

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