Natural Anxiety Supplements That Reduce Stress

Unfortunately the stress of over work, money, health and family can place a strain on our life. Anxiety, which comes from stress, is the result of a prolonged state of stress. While some stress can help us motivate ourselves to achieve more, the reality is that most of us are too stressed out to cope, which leads to a constant state of anxiety.

As with any modern issue, we are quick to look for a cure in the form of medication. However, with anxiety being a critical issue that affects the brain it is important to avoid medication that can have adverse effects on our mental state. For many, the search for natural anxiety supplements leads us to analyze many different products.


Experts continually release research that outlines just how deadly stress can be on our short term and long term health. While many of us continue to lead our busy lives, we ignore what our body needs from us to stay healthy and focused.  In the immediate term we tend to completely forget about our long-term physical health, until it’s too late.

natural anxiety supplements

The good news is that there are numerous natural herbs for anxiety that now come in supplement form that can reduce stress without the harmful side effects you would experience from pharmaceutical prescriptions.

It’s perfectly alright if therapeutic doses of natural supplements might not be your forte. The fact is they are proven to help relieve stress and anxiety so it’s completely normal to have reservations or concerns. Hopefully a few of my suggestions below will help make your decision a little easier, as I outline some of the better natural supplements for anxiety and stress.


Consuming magnesium supplements has long been a preferred method for reducing blood pressure and that will play a significant role in reducing stress. The use of magnesium for anxiety treatment is quite common, with many experts citing its ability help your cardiovascular system and improve sleeping patterns.

According to Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle, magnesium is one of the most essential minerals missing from the modern diet and a significant contributor to anxiety. When your body is feeling stress you tend to create more adrenaline, which saps your body of magnesium. As a natural anti anxiety supplement, magnesium in your body must be replaced especially after your body goes through states of panic and stress.


One of the best natural supplements for anxiety is Kava. Kava for anxiety has become popular because when consuming the herb you experience a great relaxing feeling. Kava focuses predominantly as a muscle relaxant, which means it helps to improve your state of mind by giving you clarity and putting you into a state of mild sedation.

As kava commonly comes in tea form it can be difficult for people on the go to consume regularly. The plus side is you will now find it in pill form across the web. However, with any natural anxiety supplements, such as kava, it’s important to research the correct dosage to be safe.


One of the most common natural anxiety relief supplements is melatonin, because of its ability to help get people to sleep and of course the fact that it is a naturally occurring chemical in the body. With sleeping patterns being a key determinant of people’s mood, melatonin’s ability to help promote healthy sleeping patterns is a great way to reduce anxiety and other forms of mental illness.

Melatonin supplements can be bought either over the counter or prescribed, so it is important to understand what dosage you should take and this may require further research. Natural supplements for depression and anxiety like Melatonin will put you on the path to better sleeping patterns and with this you should hopefully have more energy throughout the day to take on tasks you otherwise would have been to mentally drained or ‘tired’ for.


Valerian Root is an herb used to treat both insomnia and anxiety, and a powerful one at that. While it is a relatively powerful treatment, it is important to be careful as it can cause sluggishness in the morning. However, when taking it a controlled supplement form the research indicates that it will help reduce blood pressure, heart rate and stress.

While some vitamins for anxiety treatment will give mixed results, a lot of people swear by the valerian root and typically take it before bed to help with sleep. It is also commonly used during the day to help in stressful situations.


We have all heard of Green Tea being great for our health, but why is that? The answer is Theanine, a key ingredient that helps treat anxiety and high blood pressure. While the use of natural herbs for anxiety and stress is quite common, not all of them work in the same manner.

The research indicates that theanine really only helps people who are feeling stressed, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because if you are reading this article then you are probably dealing with stress. What it means is that when you have your stress under control, theanine won’t be a viable method for maintaining low levels of stress

In supplement form Theanine should be taken on an empty stomach and it’s recommended to start with about 200 mg. This is not a sleeping tablet, but a stress reducer, which means you can take it multiple times per day.


All of these natural cures for anxiety actually work. Natural anxiety supplements will help your mood, blood pressure, stress levels and general well-being. While some people have been using natural supplements for anxiety and panic attacks for many years, it doesn’t mean that all methods will work for you.

It’s important to do your own research and find out which supplements will work best for you. Whether you have trouble sleeping, remaining calm in stressful situations or managing workloads, it’s important to take care of your health and well-being.

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