Can Anxiety Cause an Overactive Bladder?

The exam results are about to be declared, and there is so much going on in someone’s mind. Would she pass the test or won’t she? A lot of people in such anxious moments run to the washroom several times. It suddenly seems that their bladder has become overactive or maybe small to hold the same amount of fluid. Can anxiety cause an overactive bladder?

Incontinence affects about 17 percent of women and 16 percent of men over the age of 18 in the US. It becomes more prominent with age. But not everyone experiences OAB as they age. Frequent urination may not be just related to age.



But those who are anxious in the intermediate term or have anxiety related issues experience bladder full problems. If you are facing something like this, consult the doctor. He may prescribe anti-depressants. Some doctors may even shrug off the matter as psychological.

In many cases, people go through a lot of experiences in their life that bring about changes. Some of it may be negative. Their responses to these events may sometimes remain dormant. They are unaware of it themselves. These feelings may trigger depression. Those who begin to urinate frequently suddenly should take the medical route and consult the doctor. Frequent urination might become worrisome and troubling after a while. This can lead to anxiety. While the depression can be treated with medications, the patient may experience anxiety which also needs treatment too.

Depending on the course of treatment you wish to follow, you can experience relief. An overactive bladder is a cause for concern and also a troublesome matter. Some people feel the urge to void as frequently as after 5 minutes.



If you need to know – can anxiety cause overactive bladder? The answer is yes. Many people experience it. Sometimes it happens only for a short period which is no cause for concern. But for those who experience it long term, it is a cause for worry.

Since there can be other causes too like UTI, there is a need to get an examination done by a physician to determine the cause. Waiting for long before consulting the doctor might do more harm.

Those feeling the need to pee before getting on to the stage to speak in front of 1000 people should take heart in the fact that they aren’t the only ones. If it happens on almost all occasions, get medical tests were done, and if all turns out negative, then anxiety could be the plausible reason.

Since no two lives are same, each person may have a different cause for anxiety and depression or worry. Hence, speak with someone knowledgeable in the matter and decide the best course of action. Since frequent urination is troublesome if you are a student or a working professional, seek professional help on time.

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