Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety: How Do They Work?

There are many alternatives to prescribed medication available to treat stress and anxiety.  One of these options is homeopathic remedies for anxiety; it is a safer and natural alternative to prescribed medications.

Homeopathic medicine utilizes the scientific process of “homeopathy” which has been used for hundreds of years in different cultures for a variety of ailments. Homeopathy is not one of the more widely used natural remedies for stress and anxiety, but can prove very useful. It is only one alternative if you want to know how to relieve anxiety without medication.

homeopathic remedies for anxiety

In the case of anxiety and panic disorders, which is an imbalance in chemicals in your brain, the homeopathic method is known to work well. By slowly introducing naturally occurring chemicals in nature in small doses, ailments the body has due to an imbalance in brain chemistry can be evened out.

To avoid any complications, you must ensure that you are experiencing the effects of anxiety and panic disorder before using homeopathic medicine. Because homeopathic medicine is available over-the-counter it is easily accessible, so do not resort to it immediately before trying non-medicinal tactics to stop your anxiety.


Homeopathy works by introducing elements to your body in small, diluted doses to help the body fight disease naturally. It works on the concept of tolerance; if your body becomes more tolerant to the elements that cause a disease or illness, it will ultimately defeat the ailment.

This is done by emulating the chemical make-up of the illness using larger doses of certain elements and combining them. Once these chemicals are combined, they are diluted to a point where they can no longer cause an illness or the effects of one. Slowly introducing this to the body creates an environment for the molecules to actually help fight the disease.

What will shock you is some of the elements that you might use for homeopathic medication. Some of them are toxic, but only is large doses. Others are less toxic or not toxic at all; as well, for the amount introduced in your body (if taken correctly) it will not harm you. All homeopathic medicine has been diluted to a point where they are not harmful to your body.

Some of the chemicals include; arsenic, poison ivy extract, emulated snake venom, to name some of the more toxic ones. But, not all homeopathic medicine is toxic, some of it is actually very beneficial to the body, such as calcium, daisy, magnesium and cucumber extract.

Practitioners of homeopathy are of the belief that by diluting the substance mixture, it creates something called, “water memory”. Essentially the water retains the “memory” of what has been diluted from it, which turns the water into the medicine itself. This is the theory of homeopathic medicine.



Now that you’ve been refreshed on how homeopathic medicine works, you might be wondering how it applies to anxiety and stress. The chemicals related to high stress, prolonged anxiety and panic attacks are used for the homeopathic treatment, with the addition of some elements which are unrelated, but seem to work.

Homeopathic medicine for anxiety works by treating symptoms and causes on an individual basis. There are certain substances which will work best to treat certain aspects and variances of anxiety and panic disorder. I have compiled a list of the most commonly used substances as well as their associated benefits.

Argentum Nitricum

When you feel uncomfortable with what is going on; feelings of apprehension, nervousness and anxiety. You could also have strange, “what if” thoughts, things that may be harmful to you or others, compulsively. Argentum Nitricum is suited for these types of situations.

Gelsemium Sempervirens

Gelsemium is used for the crippling symptoms of anxiety. When you experience weakness and poor control of your movements. The body becomes paralyzed by the debilitating effects of anxiety, and you have a desire for solitude because you are unable to cope with the world around you.

Aconite Napellus

This is one of the most common homeopathic substances used to treat anxiety. Most commonly people with panic disorder experience waves of panic and fear. Aconite is used to stop the sudden onset of panic.

Panic attacks can be crippling because of the intensity of symptoms like fear of death and trouble breathing. Aconite is used to treat these very sudden symptoms. Because of how quickly Aconite works to treat sudden symptoms, it is used most of the time in home remedies for stress and anxiety.

Arsenicum Album

Anxiety which is based around the ideas of safety and security is treated with Arsenicum. When you are constantly worries about your future, your health, or that something suddenly terrible is going to happen to you. Anxiety over the course that life will take you on can be treated with Arsenicum.

Kali Phosphoricum

If you feel easily overwhelmed by daily tasks, or you frighten easily and become anxious when you have to complete a task. Kali Phosphoricum will treat your symptoms of exhaustion, irritability and sensitivity to managing your tasks.

Lycopodium Clavatum

If you lack self-confidence, anticipate situations, but become completely in control once the activity is initiated, you may use Lycopodium. If you are apprehensive of social situations or get stage fright, and overcompensate as a result, this anxiety homeopathy substance will also work for you.


Phosphorus is used to treat anxiety that is associated with the fear of being alone, fear of strange creatures in the dark or the dark in general. People with vivid imaginations and sensitivity to externalities such as loud noises or strong smells will benefit from Phosphorus.

Natrum Muriaticum

If you avoid social situations because of high anxiety, or if your anxiety causes you discomfort and difficulty breathing, Natrum can assist. Overwhelming shyness is a trait for people with naturally high levels of Natrum.

Kali Arsenicosum

Worried about your health constantly? The fear of a panic attack and the effects it has on your heart and cardiovascular system can be alleviated by Kali Arsenicosum. Most commonly you will have a hard time sleeping at night if you have naturally high levels of Kali Arsenicosum which is causing you to worry unnecessarily.

Calcarea Carbonica

Calcarea Carbonica is used to treat the fear of losing control. If you are highly entrenched in routine and habit which makes you nervous to do things differently, then this is the substance for you. Stubbornness causes the routine and is what makes it so difficult to take different action, causing feelings of anxiety.

Homeopathic medicines are believed to work instantly once taken. You will be able to feel the effects of these substances on your mood and mental state very quickly. That makes them easy to test and figure out which homeopathic anxiety remedy is best.



Millions of people use homeopathic remedies for a variety of ailments, and it continues to exist because of its apparent effectiveness. Many people would swear by homeopathic treatments.

Unfortunately, in mainstream healthcare and documentation, there are not many noted cases of homeopathy treating disease. Because of this, I am not able to recommend a homeopathic treatment for anxiety. I can only provide the best information available, you will have to make your own decisions.

Mainstream science does not document the use of homeopathic treatments for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that there is too much human error to gather statistics on its effectiveness; homeopathic treatment is largely skewed by the placebo effect.

Studies that follow the use of homeopathic medicines are not conclusive. There are studies that are in favor of these medicines, but the error rate for them is a safe 95%. This means that health scientists are quite unsure of the homeopathic method for anxiety and stress.


Homeopathic medicine can provide natural stress and anxiety relief, and is a great alternative to prescribed anxiety medications. Something to consider before using a homeopathic remedies for anxiety would be, have you exhausted all other natural avenues. There are many natural methods to help anxiety without ingesting anything, or there are natural herbs available for anxiety which can be tested first.

Since homeopathic medicine is not harmful to your body, it may be something for you to try to combat your anxiety. There are cases where homeopathy has worked, but rarely documented by professionals in the medical field. Homeopathic practitioners know everything there is to know about homeopathic medicine, so it may be wise to contact one.

There is no correct homeopathic dosage that will cure stress; each person will react a bit differently to the described substances, so it is best to test each out. I have only provided a list of the most commonly used substances, you will have to find out which combination helps to relief your symptoms most effectively.

Beating stress and anxiety is an on-going task mentally and physically. Using supplements, homeopathic medication, or prescribed medication is only one avenue. Try to develop your own personal approach to beating your anxiety without having to treat your body with any substances.

But if you believe that homeopathic medicine is the right avenue for you, do some research, use the information in this article, talk to a homeopathy expert and test the treatment for yourself.

Check out this video for more information on homeopathy and it's effectiveness:

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