Panic Attack Remedies at Home: Natural Methods


There are many people that suffer from panic attacks regularly, and when they consult medical advice, are usually prescribed potent medication. This is not the way to do it! There are many panic attack remedies at home that you can use to defeat your panic attacks.

The best part is these methods are all natural and will have no adverse effects on your body. There are a variety of natural cures for panic attacks that you can use from home.

The first is a change in your diet and how much you exercise, and other unhealthy habits. Diet is one of the most important factors when it comes to the amount of anxiety you have, believe it or not. Depending on what types of foods you eat, your brain chemistry will be altered by poor nutrition.

You should avoid foods containing:


Refined Sugars


Artificial Sweeteners

By removing these substances from your body it will allow your body to function more smoothly.

There are some additional unhealthy habits that you can cut out:


Watching Screens

Sedentary Lifestyle

These bad habits contribute to higher amounts of stress, and will lead to panic attacks. Try to reduce these habits as much as possible to reduce your stress levels.

The good news is, despite having to change your lifestyle in regards to food and habits, there are some positive steps you can take. They do affect your diet and habits, but in a positive way that has less resistance than cutting things out.

Some thing you can do starting today to reduce anxiety at home:

panic-attack-remedies-at-home-wash hands

Eat more vegetables

Go for a walk every day


Read a book

Start a positive hobby

Clean and organize your living space

Talk to a friend

Practice good hygiene

These are some easy tactics you can use to reduce your panic attacks permanently. The key to overcoming panic attacks is to reduce your total amount of stress, for good. By practicing these good habits, your body will function better, which in turn will have your mind functioning better as well.

These are the most natural steps you can take for panic attack remedies at home. There are herbal and supplemental remedies for anxiety as well. These focus on introducing new vitamins and substances into your body, but they are all natural.


If you are looking to stay away from medication for panic attacks, herbal supplements and natural remedies are the best alternative.

There are two types of thought schools when it comes to herbal remedies for panic attacks; homeopathy and herbal. Homeopathy is concerned with specific chemicals in the brain, which are supplemented through ongoing consumption of diluted natural chemicals. Herbal supplements are naturally occurring herbs that are known to reduce panic attacks.

Homeopathic Remedies for panic attacks:

Argentum Nitricum Gelsemium Sempervirens Aconitum Napellus Arsenicum Album

Kali Phosphoricum

Lycopodium Clavatum Phosphorus Natrum Muriaticum Kali Arsenicosum Calcarea Carbonica

You can read more about homeopathic remedies for panic attacks, and how they work here: Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety: How Do They Work?

Homeopathy has been practiced for hundreds of years, it is quite popular in Chinese medicine where it originated. It is an art and science that goes beyond recognizable science; there are many believers in this method. However it is not documented much by mainstream medical science.

Herbs that reduce panic attacks and stress:

panic attack natural home remedies


Cannabis Oil





You can read more about natural herbs to reduce panic attacks here: Natural Anti-Anxiety: 10 Simple Sources

All natural herbs are the best way to go in my opinion. These herbs can be found naturally occurring all over the world, they are not altered by science or human error in any way. Most of these herbs can be enjoyed in a warm cup of tea, or mixed into foods.

If you are not a fan of tea, or herbs in your food, most of these substances can be found at your local pharmacy or grocery store. If not there then you can find these supplements at your local health food store or on Amazon.

Using these substances will help to reduce the likelihood of panic attacks. They are all known to have great effects, and although not in mainstream medical science, practical use has shown them to be quite effective.


If you are having a panic attack at home, there are important steps you can take to stop the panic attack in its tracks, or stop it from even starting. By keeping some good habits in place, you can reduce your overall stress, and handle panic attacks in a much more productive way.

There are preventative measures you can take, or there a reactive measure you can use. In combination, these habits will do wonders for your anxiety.

Some preventative measures you can take for panic attacks are:


Learn what you can about panic attacks

Keep a diary

Exercise more

Change your diet

Seek natural treatments

Receive treatment from a professional

One very important step here is to learn everything you can about panic attacks, how they are triggered, what causes prolonged anxiety and other factors concerning your stress. If you keep a dairy of how panic attacks happen to you and how they affect you, you can better self-diagnose what your issues are, and how to face them.

As I have mentioned before, a change in diet and exercise can be hugely beneficial in lowering your stress and helping your body function with less volatility in your brain chemistry. The changes in your diet can be quite simple, and they amount of exercise you need doesn’t have to be much, just a walk each day will do wonders.

I also mentioned the natural treatments you can use from home to reduce panic attacks. Test these different remedies out for yourself and see which works best for you. Natural herbal supplements for anxiety can be the best option. If all else fails, seeking treatment from a professional in the form of therapy can be very helpful.

Reactive measures: what to do during a panic attack?

Accept what is happening

Keep your thoughts from wandering

Try to calm yourself down

Learn to take deep breaths

Give yourself positive feedback

Don’t be hard on yourself

Let it run its course

You can read more about how to stop panic attacks here: Panic Attack Help: How to Stop Panic Attacks

If you feel a panic attack coming on, or are in the midst of one, these few steps will help you to get through your panic attack. Understanding a huge part of dealing with panic attacks; avoiding triggers, calming yourself down, breathing exercises, these are all things you can do actively to reduce symptoms.

Positive self-talk and confidence in yourself is also key. Telling yourself that it won’t happen and can’t happen and reinforcing your confidence in yourself will help to keep panic attacks from coming on. Once a panic attack is underway, you can easily stop it with a few tactics.

Over time, you will be better able to deal with panic attacks the better you get at these steps. Initially, your body will have a high resistance, but through trials and tribulations you will get better at fighting it (positive self-talk!).

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