Sinus Pressure and Anxiety: What’s the Causality?

Troubles can come in many shapes and forms. Those who have sinus and anxiety may experience one or both of the two together. Some patients with anxiety disorder experience a blocked nose or pressure in the nose.

They may have difficulty breathing and may feel constricted. Some symptoms may be very peculiar, and hence it is always best to consult a practitioner.

If you experience nasal congestion and also have anxiety, the two may be related. To understand better, speak to a consultant who treats this kind of conditions.



Anxiety is a disorder that may cause other complications such as chest pain, back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc. At other times, it could be the sinus causing the anxiety. Anxiety leads to pressure in the head and elsewhere. Hence, seek medical advice if you are a hypochondriac.

Swollen sinuses lead to dizziness and fatigue. That could trigger an anxiety attack. Medical science is complicated. Hence, a thorough investigation would be necessary to understand what caused which.

While we are not in a position to give out treatments or even describe the complications in detail, we would like to share information that might help.



Those suffering from anxiety need a change in their lifestyle. They need to calm down. There has to be a shift in their thought process. Nothing can be controlled that is in the future. The outcome of any event or action is beyond the control of any human. We cannot help it if it rains when we are about to leave for office. But what we can do is keep an umbrella ready. We can carry a raincoat.

Likewise, we cannot help it if we don’t receive the recognition we expected. We may speak to the boss concerned about it and maybe even fight, but there is nothing much else you can do to change the outcome.

Recognizing this fact goes a long way in helping people control their thoughts. Unnecessary thoughts about future events and occurrences cloud our ability to live in the present. Worries seep in. What if?

But there is no answer to this “what if” and hence, it leads to anxiety. Worrying will only cause physical stress along with mental and emotional too.

Take actions as needed and go with the flow of life. Leave the outcome to the future. Life will reveal itself. Living in the present requires a calm mind. The mind can be calmed down through meditation.

Apart from other medical treatments that the doctor may prescribe it would help if you can meditate for a few minutes daily. One can watch videos from the net and start. If you know someone who offers such classes, enroll for one. The result will make a difference to your mental condition.

Yoga is also a way to calm the mind. There are poses that help to soothe the mind. DO not expect overnight results. It may take time for the results to show. But keep at it.

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